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What is an extract, for example “Acai 10%”?

An extract is made by standardizing the powder to contain a minimum amount of an active ingredient. For example, Acai 10% means that there is a minimum of 10% polyphenols in the finished product. Using a standardized extract gives you assurance that your formula contains the correct amount of active ingredient.

What is a ratio, for example “Aronia 4:1”?

A ratio is made by concentrating a large amount of raw material to make a higher potency product. For example, Aronia 4:1 means that 4 parts of raw materials were used to make 1 part of finished product. This process results in a more concentrated and potent form of the raw ingredient.

Are your ingredients irradiated?

No, steam sterilization and other benign technologies are used to ensure the safety and purity of all our ingredients.

Are your suppliers GMP certified, HAACP certified?

Yes, their manufacturing facilities are GMP and HAACP certified.

Are your products Identity Tested?

Yes, the ID for all incoming raw materials is tested before production of the extracts in the country of origin. Testing ID before any processing takes place insures delivering you only the highest quality raw ingredients at the lowest possible prices.

Do you sell small quantities to resellers and end-users?

Yes, in addition to offering wholesale quantities to manufacturers and bulk suppliers, WNG Investments has recently introduced and expanded our core product line to include both the small business owner and the end-user.

When will my order ship?

Products in stock usually ship within 24-48 hours of your order being received and processed. You can find more information about shipping on our  Shipping & Taxes page. 

How do I make an order?

You may order online at, or simply contact our company via our Contact Form or by email at

What is your Return Policy?

Your satisfaction is very important to us however, do to the nature of the service (consumables) all product sales are final. You can find more information about returns/refunds and other policies on our  Privacy Policy, Store Policies, DisclaimerShipping & Taxes, as well as the Terms of Service page(s). 

How can I pay for my order?

We accept bank wires, cashier checks, both personal and business checks (subject to hold till clearance) and money orders. For orders under $1,200 we also accept credit cards. (Visa, MC, Discover, Debit, Pre-paid cards and Pay Pal).
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